This Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") records the terms upon which the users agree to utilize the services provided by Inloco Client Service Specialists CC (Inloco). It constitutes an undertaking by the users to the co-users, the client and to the service provider (Inloco) to abide by the conditions stipulated herein. The AUP is a sever-able document and separate agreement from, but must be read with, any agreement between the client and the service provider ("the principal agreement") and any agreements between the service provider and any users of any services rendered by Inloco. The AUP also details prohibited actions and applies to all Internet and/or network access and/or services ("services") utilized. Use of the services constitutes acceptance of and agreement to abide by all of the terms detailed herein. Violations of this AUP may result in immediate suspension and/or termination of the services by the service provider or the client.
Usage Guidelines and Terms:

Services may not be used in the furtherance of any illegal or unlawful activities. In amplification of the foregoing, and without limiting the scope thereof in any way, the user undertakes not to upload, download, post, distribute, facilitate, communicate or transmit any material in or to any chat room, message board, newsgroup, website and/or any similar medium accessed through the services which may constitute unauthorized and/or unlawful and/or illegal reproduction of any material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right, as well as any material that is obscene, sexually explicit, degrading toward children or woman, or that may constitute an unlawful/illegal threat of any kind ( including any activity related to terrorism being electronic or otherwise). The user also undertakes not to use the services in an abusive and/or harassing, defamatory, deceptive, fraudulent way, and also undertakes not to invade another's privacy or fraudulently assume another's identity. The user further undertakes not to violate any South African or any foreign or any international export and import control laws and/or other legislation relating to the use of the service.
In conjunction with the above the user also undertakes to refrain from the following:

To probe or scan hosts or networks or breach security of hosts, network components, or authentication systems without the explicit permission of administrator(s) of such systems or networks; To monitor data or any network without the explicit authorization of the administrator(s) of such network or system; To use another Internet user or business's electronic mail server to relay mail without the explicit permission from that party (E-mail Relay); To fraudulently create data with the intent to misrepresent origin or source; To create data or network traffic that may or does result in damage to, or disruption of, a service or network connected device; To send unsolicited mass electronic mail messages to one or more recipients ("spamming"). Electronic messages which are sent in an unsolicited manner to 10 or more recipients, or any series of unsolicited electronic message to a single user, qualify as a prohibited action; Engaging in any activity that compromises or threatens the ability of the service provider to provide services in a reasonable and efficient manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, deliberate attempts to overload system and broadcast attacks that is intended to disrupt or disable any recipient system ("Denial of Service" or "DOS" or "Syn flood" attacks); to knowingly distribute computer viruses or other malicious computer programs; and/or to use or misuse the service provided in any way that could or does in fact prejudice any user or diminish the quality of the service to other users.

Additional terms:
In addition to immediate suspension or termination of the services, violation of the terms hereof may result in civil claims or criminal prosecution. Users who have their own internal network would need to maintain their own security or contract individually with the service provider to ensure that it complies with these standard rules, e.g. user names and passwords, firewalls, antivirus etc. Violations of this policy by a third party under the control or by facilitation in any way by any user are considered to be a violation by the user. The user will adhere to the policies as set forth herein in order to ensure equal fairness and quality of service distributed amongst all users. The web hosted services selected will remain effective for as long as the user/client remains the same and the Inloco remains in a position to ensure this. The user indemnifies the service provider against any civil and/or criminal claims that might arise in consequence of the user's use of the services. The user also acknowledges that some of the services provided are dependent upon services provided by third parties and that the user will make allowance and contingency plans for the untimely interruption of services which cannot be guaranteed against by the service provider. The service provider administers and facilitates these services and acts as an intermediary. Users are responsible to acquaint themselves with the terms and specifications of any agreement entered into between the client and the service provider. Fixed IP addresses provided are not portable and may not be independently administrated, distributed or transferred. It is strongly recommended that the user protect their Internet devices from virus attacks, intrusion spyware and adware (software that transmits personally identifiable information from your computer.) For more information or help relating to this please feel free to contact the service provider.