Domain Registration and Renewal Costs

TLD (Top Level Domain)

Cost (excl Vat)

R 250 to register then R 125 / year


R 450 / year


R 750 / year

Other domains  


R 1300 / year


R 500 / year


R 500 / year

R 600 / 2 years

R 200 to register & R 200 per annum after first year


R550 / year

R 250 to register then R 125 / year


R 520 / year


R 450 / year


R 350 / year


R 350 / year


R 530 / year


R 450 / year


R 450 / year


R 800 / year


R 1100 / year

indomAfrican Domains

Inloco can register and maintain domains from nearly all African nations – but please note the prices vary tremendously and the procedures can be time consuming and tiresome. Many of the African countries require local representation – if you don’t have that we can usually arrange a proxy. Various other documentary items may also have to be provided, depending on territory. Please contact Inloco to get specific information on requirements and costs –

Transferring your Domain

Just as you have to notify people of a change of address when you move house, so you have to inform your domain name Registrar when you change hosting companies – enabling them to redirect traffic to your new hosting location. Once your domain name registration record has been updated to reflect Inloco’s domain name servers, you can start enjoying the full benefits associated with your Inloco hosting account.

Domain Transfer Costs

Inloco does not charge for domain name transfers. We offer our assistance to facilitate the transfer as a value added service. In the case of a ‘Channel’ or ‘Registry transfer’, external domain renewal fees may occur, which are simply transferred to the customer.

Renewing your Domain

All our customers with domains registered at Inloco will receive renewal reminders. For your convenience, we will automatically renew your domain on your behalf, adding the renewal fee to your invoice, unless you instruct us otherwise.