Open Application list

1. Start by opening the application list from your home screen.

Select Mail

2. Select “Mail” from the menu.

Select Other

3. Select “Other” (POP3/IMAP) on the “Choose a mail provider screen“.

Note: If you have already added an email account in Mail press the “Menu” button, select “More“, select “New account” then select “Other (POP3/IMAP)

Select Manual setup

4. Select “Manual setup

Enter your Incoming settings

5. Enter all the “Incoming settings” details as in the screen below and select “Next“:

Enter your Outgoing server settings

6. Enter all the “Outgoing server” details as in the screen below. Ensure the “Login required” tick box is selected and then select “Next“:

Enter your account information

7. Enter a desired “Account name” and select “Finish setup“.

Note: In the screen below your domain name is used as an example.

You have completed your account setup

Congratulations, you have now successfully configured your email account on your HTC smartphone powered by Android.