Google Adwords

Google Adwords Packages
Pay per click (PPC) allows you to purchase ads that show up at the top, side or below the search results for the specific keyword phrases you bid on. As a visitor clicks through to your site your account is debited with an amount that is based on supply and demand – ie, the more it is wanted/higher the position, the more expensive it becomes.

We offer Google Adwords PPC which is fast, & easily manageable, and we have had great results with it.

Advantages of Adwords:

  • Gets you a guaranteed placement on the top search engines fast – you see your ads within hours of them being created.
  • Budget management – you decide how much you want to spend per month, how long your budget lasts is then dependant on how many click throughs you get
  • Flexibility – there are no contractual obligations: the campaign can be turned on, paused and terminated at any time.
  • Customizable – you can choose to target users by country or language.

We frequently monitor the campaign and send you performance reports monthly.

Service Summary

  1. Campaigns are created based around specified keywords/phrases ( max 5 per campaign)
  2. Ad is created  for search page viewing and clicking through to recipient website/page
  3. Daily budget is set, based on total monthly click through budget, ie R 600/month = R 20/day
  4. Account is debited each time a searcher clicks on Ad to view website
  5. Cost per keyword  is dependent on popularity and position of keyword – unfortunately we cannot estimate this prior to setting up campaign, rather we set a max cost per keyword and adjust accordingly once campaign is live and we see keyword positions and costs.
  6. When daily budget us used up, campaign will be paused until next day –therefore the higher the monthly budget, the  greater the daily budget and the longer the campaign will be visible.
  7. Campaign is monitored on a (min) weekly basis – reports showing campaign performance  are prepared monthly and sent to you.

Adwords Costs  & Campaigns Summary

  1. Set up – per campaign, including  keyword  listing & selection, ad preparation and editing, setting up and placing campaign R 700-00, once off.
  2. Ongoing campaigns – includes weekly monitoring & monthly reports; tweaking where required.
  1. Ad6 – R 600/month, R 20/day of clicks.
    R 1,010-00/month.
  2. Ad9 – R 900/month, R 30/day of clicks.
    R 1,340-00/month.
  3. Ad12 – R 1,200/month, R 40/day of clicks.
    R 1,670-00/month.
  4. Ad15– R 1,500/month, R 50/day of clicks.
    R 2,000-00/month.
  5. Ad18 –   R 1,800/month, R 60/day of clicks.
    R 2,330-00/month
  1. Ad21 –  R 2,100/month, R 70/day of clicks.
    R 2,660-00/month.
  2. Ad24–  R 2,400/month, R 80/day of clicks.
    R 2,990-00/month.
  3. Ad27 –R 2,700/month, R 90/day of clicks.
    R 3,320-00/month
  4. Ad30 –R 3,000/month, R 100/day of clicks.
    R 3,650-00/month.
  1. Directory Page – where no website exists, a directory page shall be set up with phone/email & address details, a picture(s), logo, and service/product summary R 700-00, once off.
  2. Google XML sitemap  (highly recommended for effective search engine optimisation) R 350-00, once off
  3. Google Analytics  (recommended for effective search engine optimization, where no stats are provided) R 350-00, once off
  4. Facebook & Twitter accounts & direct feeds to website – we create and links accounts, which update as the site is updated ( Facebook, assuming content management system is in place ) R 700-00, once off
  5. Add a Blog and get it graded by a recognised grading body – a free blog can be obtained from blogspot which is affiliated with Google; the nice thing about having a blog for a new site is that it speeds up the waiting period process, and as soon as a blog is added for a site, Google will start indexing the site faster R 700-00, once off
  6. Add RSS news feeds – these keep the content on the site current and a site scores points if they have rss feeds streaming to their site R 700-00, once off

VAT excluded .
Initial costs include all once off set up fees and first months’ clicks.
Campaigns may be upgraded during the month, but not downgraded.
Monthly fees payable in advance.

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