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Inloco's Service Proposition

our-serviceInLoco is utterly focused on providing value and benefit, and considers it incumbent to assist its clients as much as possible in using their websites effectively.

We believe the issues involved revolve around Marketing, Sales, and Service, and that the Internet is a powerful medium in these respects, but that to be truly beneficial the website must be deployed as a tool that needs driving on an ongoing basis.

We therefore constantly look for new opportunities to create further value and success. This will include support,advice and new products that help keep the site prominent in the overall marketing equation,as well as other services that may be of further assistance in other Internet related respects to our clients.

The internet presents many different opportunities to enhance a companies marketing and service strategies, and we will assist in selecting the appropriate ‘level' at which it would be most cost effective to operate, and thereafter work toward realizing the highest possible value from each investment.

InLoco is predicated on the need to effectively and cost effectively the 3 critical needs in our Internet Triangle of Website Design, Website Hosting, and Search Engine Marketing:

These 3 are not mutually exclusive – there is considerable overlap in terms of their functions and the skills involved with them.
They are worthy of attention because in the context of the Internet, and the SME market that is InLoco's focus, there are few practitioners who have either the interest or ability to bring the 3 together successfully and cost effectively.

InLoco aims to:

  • Deliver an excellent website design, hosting, and marketing service

    •  Accordingly we will not try and develop new applications, but will source tried and trusted functionality off the shelf as and when we need it from proven suppliers-
    •  This will allow us to maintain our focus on our clients and their websites, and make what we do among the best available.
  • We employ full time specialists in their chosen fields (design,database,& SEO), and ensure they work effectively within those disciplines, thereby encouraging skill and knowledge development and avoiding a dilution of focus.

    • We provide hints and tips that will provide further marketing guidance, and in many instances allow clients to do things yourselves, rather than pay for a further service.
    • Where possible,sites will be optimised for effective Search engine listing at the production stage. Where not possible, we will optimise for free.Both are crucial if the site is to be succesful in this regard.
    • Our rates for the manual on-going relisting of sites on a monthly basis are, by a wide margin, the cheapest available- this is because we are able to leverage the volume of sites to create economies of scale, which we then pass on to our clients.
  • This means that the site need never be a failure due to inability to be found on Search Engines, or the fact that until now this has been a relatively expensive process.
  • We deliver a tangible benefit and real value to our clients- to do this we must understand them and their needs, and thus be able to sell them the level of product that is appropriate at that stage in their business cycle.

This is where we create a differential: by delivery – both initially and on-going. As time progresses and the client becomes more at ease and able to more fully deploy the website effectively, we will present various options to grow the site, from a size and functionality point of view- this will allow a pragmatic, modular approach which makes for better control, cost effectiveness, and utilisation.

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